Alpine sbv-10-wra Jeep Wrangler underseat subwoofer

Alpine has created an awesome Jeep wrangler underseat 10" subwoofer option that is water resistent and takes up no space at all as it mounts under the passenger seat and fires down into the passenger footwell.

Delivers deep, impactful bass with your top on or off. Caught on the trail in the rain with the top off? The SBV-10-WRA is weather resistant so your adventure can continue.


When you have a Wrangler, you don’t have extra space to spare. Alpine engineered the SBV-10-WRA to conveniently fit under the front passenger’s seat making efficient use of space. The SBV-10-WRA is a custom-shaped enclosure that fits snugly under the seat frame, so no mounting hardware is required. (NOTE: designed for fitment in Jeeps with the factory carpet.