Audiocontrol... necessary for your car

Monday, March 27, 2017

Listening to music—your music, in your car, the way it was meant to be heard, is a grand thing. Listening to music on a truly superb car stereo makes the drive that much more enjoyable. The Audiocontrol products include the addition of the 6 channel amplifier (LC-6.1200 125watts rms x 6) that has enough power on board to make any audiophile very very happy.   

We are finding that the factory stereos are becoming more of a letdown to our customers than ever before and are being asked if we can make them sound better without changing the radio. The answer is ABSOLUTELY....The LC2i, LC6i  and LC7i makes adding a subwoofer or midrange/highs amplifier to even the most complex factory systems is now possible with this diverse line of integration products. 

If you have ever wanted to just add a simple sub and amp to your factory stereo or wanted to go all out...Audiocontrol has a complete line of products to make this easy.

From factory integration to the cleanest power amplifier lineup to full DSP cpmputer tuned systems...Audiocontrol has it all.

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