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We offer a wide selection of Car security systems to help protect your vehicle.

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G net ON-X

The brand new G net ON-X front and rear camera with high resolution recording at this price is an awesome choice. With recording not only while driving but parking mode recording to capture all that happens when you are not around to see. Review footage by cell phone (Wi-fi) or pull the card and see it on your computer.
$249.99 $219.99

Kenwood DRV-A501WDP

The new Kenwood DRV highest resolution camera from Kenwood is a true winner when wanting to capture all the clearest images while on the road or parked.

Kenwood DRV-a601wdp

The Kenwood 4k dual camera offers 8.3 Megapixel Recording (Front Camera) 3.7 Megapixel Recording (Rear Camera) 3.0" LCD Display (Front Camera Only) Touch Panel Control Wireless Link Built-in G-Sensor & GPS Parking Mode Super Capacitor Quick Release

Mycar 2 phone app integration

The new version2...mycar2 phone integration unit is easy to use, works on most remote starters and responds lighting fast. This can be added to any of our remote starter or alarm systems. The basic lock/unlock and start features are lifetime service. Add the GPS tracking to the mycar2 for a lifetime subscription for only $100.00usd to keep track of your vehicle.
$349.99 $279.99

Viper Smartstart

The Smartstart DSMC550fr allows the addition of your phone to the alarm and starter function. Start your vehicle or operate alarm functions (if purchased) from literally anywhere when in a cellular covered area. Lifetime plan all included. Never pay again for service unlike other similar units on the market. Installation extra
$389.99 $279.99