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Clarion MCD360

This versatile 3-Way Electronic Crossover offers inputs for two- or three-way system setups with rear fader control. Users also get a wired remote subwoofer level control. We have a deal on out one and only demo board model.
$190.00 $120.00

Clarion xc660dsp

This Clarion dsp processor makes it easy to take your audio system to the next level. Computer adjusted crossovers, equalization and time alignment

Focal PC165f

Focal offers a high power handling and awesome sounding 6.5" coaxial speaker that has excellent bass response and clean clear highs. Come see the PC165f Flax coaxial These are clearance speakers and are in limited quantites
$600.00 $329.99

Focal PS165f

The Focal PS165f component set offers all the sound quality of the FLAX line with a better price tag. These are clearance items and are limited quantities
$700.00 $399.99

Focal PS165fx

The Focal PS165FX speakers are excellent sounding. High power handling with bi ampability to allow seperate amp channels on woofer and tweeters These speakers are on clearance and are limited quantity
$1,000.00 $499.99

Focal PS165FX3

This is one of our most popular 3 way sets because of the balance of incredible performance and good pricing These speakers are clearance items and are in limited quantites
$1,600.00 $799.99

idata plug and play start for HONDA push to start

This remote starter is designed specifically for the 2013+ and newer Honda push to start vehicles. PRICE INCLUDES INSTALLATION