DSP and how it can benefit your system

Friday, July 14, 2023

It's funny to remember back 30+ years ago to when I was growing up in the early car audio days. Probably 50% of people that I met had an indash EQ in there systems. Most of us never new what they were nor how to properly adjust them but it was cool and made some changes to sound. 

The equalizer back in the day was a great and powerful tool in a vehicles sound system if you know how to use it properly and we were on the right path to making a better sounding system. 

Fast forward to present and we are seeing more and more DSP modules from many manufacturers and fewer and fewer stores that even know how to install them let alone talk about them. DSP is one of the best items ever introduced to car audio.

DSP is an addon unit that has incredible power for tuning and setting up of the final sound in a system. They have the ability to allow us to seamlessly add amplifiers and speakers to factory systems and after the final install of the equipment they allow us to tune professionally the final results... "icing on the cake".

A properly set up DSP should allow the customer to experience a very focused and even sound stage that makes listening, with your eyes closed, almost a visual thing as you should be able to literally place instruments and singers across the dash. The sound quality should blow you away as all the frequencies, from the lowest lows all the way through the highest highs have been leveled to have perfect balance This is done with a microphone that was placed in the drivers seat and a couple of computers and a technician that knows what they are doing to individually tune your private concert hall.

I have always been an installer and always wanted to bring the best possible sound to our customers. DSP is a very powerful tool and we are very fluent in installing and setting up of most units offered on the market. Call us and talk to me or one of my technicians about how we might be able to add a DSP to your new or existing system.

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