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JL Audio 10W3v3-4

JL Audio 10W3V3 subwoofers are one of our favorites. High power handling, deep bass and small box size makes them a winner. Give the store a call to see if we can offer you a package deal
$599.99 $549.99

JL Audio 10W7AE-3

10th Anniversary Edition - W7 10-inch Subwoofer Driver (750 W, 3 Ω)

If you are seeking reference-grade sub-bass from a 10-inch driver, your search ends here.

JL Audio 12TW3-d4/8

These speakers are increadible and are on my top 5 things that "I like" list. JL Audio says this:
Building on the core technology of our TW5 thin-line subwoofers, the new TW3’s deliver a powerful combination of shallow mounting depth and excursion capability.

JL Audio 13W7ae-d1.5

10th Anniversary Edition - W7 13.5-inch Subwoofer Driver (1500 W, Dual 1.5 Ω voice coils)

Words like "extreme," "reference" and "ultimate" get thrown around quite a bit in the subwoofer driver world, but rare is the product that can honestly lay claim to them. The 13W7AE does. Remeber to call to see if we can give you a better price in a package deal

JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3

The JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3
Amplified Subwoofer System with Single 8W3v3-0.40 Subwoofer Driver, Built-In 250W Class D Amplifier makes it one of the industies best selling all in one subwoofer units

JL Audio cp108lgtw3

JL Audio has created a winner with this box when space is tight. This enclosure is great for extended cab trucks and all small hatchback areas.This is JL Audio's best selling enclosure and we love it at Radioactive. The only thing that makes one of these better is adding a second one. Buy an amp at the same time and get this box for less in a package deal

JL Audio CP110w0v3-4

The JL Audio CP110w0v3-4 enclosure is super afforable and being factory built and tuned has incredible sound quality. Always give us a call to get your special price when you package this with an amp and install

JL Audio cp112W0v3-4

Enclosed Subwoofer System with Single 12WØv3-4 Subwoofer Driver, Dark Gray Carpet (300 W, 4 Ω) - Ported Enclosure

This powerful slot-ported BassWedge™ subwoofer system delivers awesome output at an unsurpassed value.