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Arc Audio M.P.A.K

The Arc Audio MPAK4 kit is comprised of one of their KS 125.2 Mini Class G 125 watt x 2 amplifier, and pair of KS 6026 6.5-inch coaxial speaker systems, custom adapters to mount the large speakers in the OEM locations, and a custom wiring harness designed for the specific application. This is definitely the best option for your Street Glide. Call us today for on site installations.
$699.99 $599.99

Arc Audio Moto600.4

Designed specifically for the motorcycle and power sports market, the MOTO 600.4 amplifier is the high-performance solution for today’s extreme music lovers. Capable of delivering over 600 watts into 4 ohms from all four channels, the Moto 600.4 takes your factory stereo from zero to hero in a single package solution.
$899.99 $699.99

Clarion XC1420

This little sized amp has a ton of output when you are tight for space but want to punch up the volume of your system.
$260.00 $199.99

Clarion XC6420

Clarion created a real winner in this amp. This is a super versatile amp that can power interior speakers only or interior speakers and a subwoofer at the same time.
$550.00 $440.00

Clarion XC7420

The Clarion XC7420 amp has to be one of the best combination amplifiers with full DSP offered by Clarion. Lots of power, the ability to integrate on a stock radio and with 120 watts of power on 4 channels it is enough to wake the neighbors. Call for a better price when bought in a package
$850.00 $498.99

Clarion XC7520

Clarion XC7520 5 channel amp 90 watts × 4 channel & 330 watts × 1 channel @ 4-Ohms 180 watts × 4 channel & 500 watts × 1 channel@ 2-Ohms DSP technology allows time alignment, crossovers and equalization to help correct the harsh environment that exists in the vehicle. Be sure to call the store for a better price in a package
$1,000.00 $598.99

JL Audio MX280/4

MX280/4 4-Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier, 70 W x 4 @ 2 Ω / 50 W x 4 @ 4 Ω - 14.4V Engineered specifically for powersports applications

JL Audio MX650-ccx-cg-wh

Marine speakers at their best
Cockpit Coaxial Speaker System
6.50 in. woofers with separate 0.75 in. dome tweeters
$399.95 $329.95