Sony DSX-GS900

This Sony dsx-gs900 offers all the media playback options but with a nice twist...100 watts of bone rattling power in one radio. While most other radios offer 50watt the Sony offers twice as much so audio will sound clean, loud and powerful. Call the store to see if we can offer you a better price with an additiona purchase
No need for an external amplifier to drive a subwoofer

Unlike conventional head units, the DSX-GS900 has amplifier power to spare, making it capable of simultaneously driving a subwoofer and a full car speaker system, including front and rear speakers. The unique 2-ohm load selector delivers high power without risking amp or speaker damage

Channel 1: front-left and rear-left speakers
Channel 2: front-right and rear-right speakers
Channel 3: subwoofer (mono)


45watts x 2 RMS to power all the interior speakers while still having a 90 watt RMS channel open to add a subwoofer with one easy radio install. No need for any external amplifier.