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Focal P20f

8’’ (20 CM) SUBWOOFER WITH FLAX CONE P20F is a 8’’ (20cm) subwoofer equipped with 320 gr/m² Flax cone for deep and controlled bass.
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Focal P25f

The Focal P25f 10" subwoofer offers 300 watts RMS power handling with small box perameters call the store to see if we can offer you a better price when purchased in a package
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Focal P25fs

Focal has developed a super shallow 10" subwoofer that has not compromised its deep quality bass response found in its bigger brother the p25f. 280 watts RMS call for a better price when purchased in a package
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Focal P30f

Focal P30f 12" subwoofer with 400 watts RMS power handling. Works perfectly in both ported and sealed enclosures call the store to get your best pricing when purchased in a package
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Focal PSB200

PASSIVE SUBWOOFER ENCLOSURE 8’’ The compact PSB200 measures less than 51/8" deep (13cm deep, with the grille) and therefore slides easily into a car boot. And its size isn’t the only great feature: it is also easy to use and delivers quality sound performance thanks to its 8" subwoofer that has 250 watts of power. Delivered with brackets, screws and a set of hook-and-loop fastener, PSB200 can be fixed in various locations in your vehicle and it perfectly completes a 2 or 3-way audio system while remaining discreet and delivering precise and dynamic bass. With this passive enclosure, discover the pleasure of all sound nuances during your drive.
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JL 12W1v3-4

The JL Audio 12W!v3-4 or 2ohm versions are a great way to add deep hard hitting bass in a small space. Call the store to see if we can get you a better price in a package

JL Audio 10TW1V3

JL Audio 10TW1V3 10" sub is the perfect subwoofer when space is tight. This subwoofer comes with built in grill for speaker protection and has a higher power handling for reliability.
$549.99 $499.95

JL Audio 10W1v3-4

The JL Audio 10W1V3-4 is a shallower mounting depth with small box design and high power handling (300watts). One of our favorite subs from JL Audio.
$449.99 $399.95