Use your Factory keyfob to start your car!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Radioactive can install a remote car starter using the factory remote control to start it. No need to add another fob to your keychain. We simply install a specific remote starter in your vehicle and program it to respond with the factory keyfob lock button being pressed 3 times.

While being convenient it does have its holdback because the factory remote control has been designed to work from a short distance. Possibly 20-80 feet away only. While this is good for those house to driveway starts it may be dissapointing when you are doing other things like shopping, movies etc that place your car several hundred feet away and not allowing the factory fobs to work.

We have good news if you purchased this and wished you had the longer distance starts available. We can simply have you back in to add the optional remote controllers to the starter we originally installed and then you will be able to have up to 3000 feet of starting distance by simply pressing the new remote control.

Give us a call to explore this and many othe options for your vehicle.