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JL Audio 10W0v3

Come in and see these awesome JL Audio 10W0 10" subs.

JL Audio 10W0v2 Subwoofer Drivers are “Absolute Beasts” at moderate power levels in compact enclosures. Give the store a call to see if we can offer you a package deal

Alpine sbv-10-wra Jeep Wrangler underseat subwoofer

Alpine has created an awesome Jeep wrangler underseat 10" subwoofer option that is water resistent and takes up no space at all as it mounts under the passenger seat and fires down into the passenger footwell.

Clarion WQ2521

Clarion WQ2521 10" subwoofers are incredible subwoofers that can handle a whopping 500 watts RMS We have a couple of woofers still in stock from our demo display with full warranty at a great price.
$180.00 $80.00

Focal 8WM

These Focal 8WM 8" midbass woofers are incredible sounding. Super shallow to allow ease of install into most vehicle door locations that have always been near impossible to add a larger woofer.Priced per each woofer. call the store for best pricing when purchasing these in a package
$1,799.99 $1,499.99

Focal E25KX

These Focal 10" subwoofer are a beast. These offer 600 watts RMS power handling and incredible deep accurate bass response. call the store for best pricing when purchased in a package
$1,149.99 $899.99

Focal E30KX

This 12" subwoofer is all you need when you want tight deep accurate bass. With 800 watts RMS power handling it is easy to satisfy all your volume requirements for when that one favorite song comes on and you want to crank it up. call the store for best pricing when purchased in a package
$1,249.99 $999.99

Focal P20fe

8’’ (20 CM) SUBWOOFER WITH FLAX CONE P20F is a 8’’ (20cm) subwoofer equipped with 320 gr/m² Flax cone for deep and controlled bass.
$499.99 $399.99

Focal P25fe

The Focal P25f 10" subwoofer offers 300 watts RMS power handling with small box perameters call the store to see if we can offer you a better price when purchased in a package
$629.99 $499.99